Otto the Odd
From the creative collaboration between author George Herman and artist Kit Seaton, comes the fun and funny story of “Otto the Odd and the Dragon King”.
Holophrase Promo Video
After much waiting, the highly anticipated promotional trailer for the band Holophrase is finally here.
Free Desktop Images
Some free minimalist typography backgrounds.
A comic book coming to the US for the first time from Loco Rabia and Red Tempest Media- Gladiator.
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Gladiator comic

Red Tempest Media and Loco Rabia are excited to announce: Gladiator- an exciting new story coming to the US for the first time this November!
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Pending Issues— A detective comic

Pending Issues — A Detective Comic

Red Tempest Media is excited to officially announce the coming release of “Pending Issues”! “Pending Issues” is a collection of short stories featuring the adventures of the detective Rupert Fink.  But his cases are not like those of a typical private investigator… This fantastic story by Alejandro Farias (Loco Rabia, Tengo los pies frios) featured the exquisite illustrations of Jorge Vi
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Pest Control – steampunk minicomic on iPad

The steampunk mini comic by Mark Harmon is coming soon to the iPad, presented by Red Tempest Studios.
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Red Tempest Artists

Red Tempest works with some great artists, so why not take some minutes to check out their websites.  You can find a complete list of Red Tempest artists with links to their websites on the About page. Ezequiel Rosingana – http://historiavalencia.educ.ar/index.html Kit Seaton – http://www.kitseaton.com/ Riley Philips – http://rileyphillips.blogspot.com/
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Keep Calm and Carry On

An inspiring story about a second-hand book shop and the inspirational message that it re-introduced to the world more than five decades after it was created.
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