Otto the Odd
From the creative collaboration between author George Herman and artist Kit Seaton, comes the fun and funny story of “Otto the Odd and the Dragon King”.
Holophrase Promo Video
After much waiting, the highly anticipated promotional trailer for the band Holophrase is finally here.
Free Desktop Images
Some free minimalist typography backgrounds.
A comic book coming to the US for the first time from Loco Rabia and Red Tempest Media- Gladiator.
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On Premium Media

Red Tempest is proud to produce Premium Media, but what exactly does that phrase mean?  The arts can be difficult enough to clearly define, much less measure in forms of quality, value and excellence; so what qualifies Red Tempest to make such a statement? Well, at Red Tempest, we produce and create art in various mediums- comics, videos, music, interactive applications and software, literature, and more.  While ther
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