On Premium Media

Red Tempest is proud to produce Premium Media, but what exactly does that phrase mean?  The arts can be difficult enough to clearly define, much less measure in forms of quality, value and excellence; so what qualifies Red Tempest to make such a statement?

Well, at Red Tempest, we produce and create art in various mediums- comics, videos, music, interactive applications and software, literature, and more.  While there are many other forms of art (as well as countless ways to interpret and present them), Red Tempest is centered around one aspect in particular- Story.

We see story as the way that we as humans connect with one another as well as ourselves.  It is through story that we are able to put context to the events, places, people, ideas and things in our lives.  (See more on “Story” here.)

But this post is about Premium Media, which we define as the best possible combination of story and the way that it is told- art.  For Red Tempest it’s not enough just to be an excellent line on a page or paint on a canvas or note in a song- we’re all about using that excellent bit of art to effectively tell a story.  To us, it’s about more than just the excellence in style, form, presentation, method, etc; to us it’s all about how well that style, form, presentation, and method combine to make our audience understand the world better- and hopefully, it will inspire them to do something to make the world a better place.

C. A. Beninati began Red Tempest Studios and Red Tempest Media to create, produce, and share cultural media with the world. Influenced by the writing styles and philosophies of James Joyce, Jorge Luis Borges, Oscar Wilde, Cormac McArthy, John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway and others. Inspired by the epics form Beowulf to Tolkien, Norse myths and legends and the fantastic elements of Borges' fictions.

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