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The Red Tempest Advantage

✓ custom branding

    • We can custom brand your mobile App with your company colors and artwork.
    • Set your own logo as the App icon- forget about generic comic icons!
    • Link to your portfolio or studio website within your App.

✓ accessibility in App Store

    • Become visible to the thousands of existing App Store customers.

✓ keep your readers up-to-date

    • With “In-App Purchasing”, it’s never been easier to reach your existing readers with new comics and chapters as you release them.
    • We can bring your artist/author blog right into the App, so you can always keep your readers in the loop as you work on new projects.

✓ additional features and content

    • Add custom soundtracks to your App.
    • Include special “Behind the Scenes” content such as:
      • making-of images (sketches, artist’s notes, etc…)
      • artist/author commentaries (written / v.o.)
    • Add links for social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Deviant Art, etc.) to allow your readers to share their favorite comics with their friends.
    • Cross-promote content (expose your other content to existing customers) with in-App ads, links or updates to your other content.
✓ additional features and content
    • There are seemingly endless possibilities for increasing reader interactivity, artist-reader communication, promotion and more- just imagine the possibilities for your own App!