Gladiator comic

Red Tempest Media and Loco Rabia are excited to announce:

Gladiator- an exciting new story coming to the US for the first time this November!

Pending Issues— A detective comic

Red Tempest Media is excited to officially announce the coming release of “Pending Issues”!

“Pending Issues” is a collection of short stories featuring the adventures of the detective Rupert Fink.  But his cases are not like those of a typical private investigator…

This fantastic story by Alejandro Farias (Loco Rabia, Tengo los pies frios) featured the exquisite illustrations of Jorge Vildoza.  Come back soon for more details.

Rupert Fink has an uncommon occupation: he resolves pending issues. His job is much like that of a private detective, except he looks in the past, in the impossible, in the dreams, even in death’s domain.

Rupert Fink solves the pending issues of clients that can afford his services, but the issues don’t always turn out as expected. As he himself says: “We just put the cards back in the deck again, and sometimes the cards come out the same way, sometimes worse than the previous game.”

Pending issues are mostly issues of love. And Rupert Fink is a tough detective, but he can’t hide the great romanticism that he conceals on the inside.

Alejandro Farias (script) and Jorge Vildoza (art) need only 5 stories to explore the extreme distances of this proposal of fantastic and bizarre stories, equally gripping as they are strange.

— Marcos Vergara

The steampunk mini comic by Mark Harmon is coming soon to the iPad, presented by Red Tempest Studios.

Red Tempest works with some great artists, so why not take some minutes to check out their websites.  You can find a complete list of Red Tempest artists with links to their websites on the About page.

An inspiring story about a second-hand book shop and the inspirational message that it re-introduced to the world more than five decades after it was created.

Red Tempest is proud to produce Premium Media, but what exactly does that phrase mean?  The arts can be difficult enough to clearly define, much less measure in forms of quality, value and excellence; so what qualifies Red Tempest to make such a statement?

Well, at Red Tempest, we produce and create art in various mediums- comics, videos, music, interactive applications and software, literature, and more.  While there are many other forms of art (as well as countless ways to interpret and present them), Red Tempest is centered around one aspect in particular- Story.

We see story as the way that we as humans connect with one another as well as ourselves.  It is through story that we are able to put context to the events, places, people, ideas and things in our lives.  (See more on “Story” here.)

But this post is about Premium Media, which we define as the best possible combination of story and the way that it is told- art.  For Red Tempest it’s not enough just to be an excellent line on a page or paint on a canvas or note in a song- we’re all about using that excellent bit of art to effectively tell a story.  To us, it’s about more than just the excellence in style, form, presentation, method, etc; to us it’s all about how well that style, form, presentation, and method combine to make our audience understand the world better- and hopefully, it will inspire them to do something to make the world a better place.

A story about a boy and a dragon has lived as a webcomic- available for the world to see at ottotheodd.com.  From the creative collaboration between author George Herman (link) and artist Kit Seaton (link), comes the fun and funny story of “Otto the Odd and the Dragon King”.

And soon, this fantastic tale will be available on the iPad as another Red Tempest production.


The title says it all. After much waiting, the highly anticipated promotional trailer for the band Holophrase is finally here.

Coming soon- “The Magic Theatre” graphic novel interactive app for iPad.
Written by Antonio Taboada and Art by Rafael Ortiz, the engaging story of a man condemned to live is coming soon the the iPad.

Starry Night (interactive animation) – Petros Vrellis

Starry Night (interactive animation) from Petros Vrellis on Vimeo.